“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” – Frank Herbert

This quote has perhaps never been more true for the writers than it was today, though Herbert likely had other intentions behind his words.

Z.B. spent much of his hour researching the perfect setting, but ran out of time before his characters arrived there. Jacob, on the other hand, felt the constant tug and release of conflicting ideas, resulting in a conclusion more or necessity than purpose.

ZB’s story Storm in a Teacup used the following prompts:

  1. School for the                      (disability/speciality/etc.)
  2. Teapot
  3. “Going back in style.”

Jacob’s story No Horizons used:

  1. Epic romance
  2. Ghastly Murder
  3. Jack-in-the-box (children’s toy)


    Jack in the Box, by Charlie Spear. A fitting visual to this week’s struggles.


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One response to ““There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” – Frank Herbert

  1. I’m very impressed with your story last week, Zach! I’m a sucker for that school-era nostalgia. I’m super interested in where this story would go next, as the flowers (lavender, is it??) is a wonderful out-of-left-field choice.

    As for my story, No Horizons, I wish I had focused as intently & exclusively on the language as I had originally intended. I got a little lost halfway through (the push & pull you aptly mentioned above) as I was trying far too hard to make logical sense with the story when I largely just wanted to create a scary atmosphere through spooky language.

    Super excited to see our latest stories get posted here!

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