“…[I]s a story worth anything at all if I have no one to tell it to?” — Charlotte Eriksson


Photograph by Gjon Mili

Chemistry can be a hard concept to define. We speak not of the mixing of chemicals, but of the relationships built between any two bodies. Be they writer & audience or writer & writer.

The express purpose of (H)our Stories has long been to provide a ground for which we, as writers, can explore our craft, techniques, and ourselves in regards to fiction writing — but at a certain point, we must ask ourselves this question: Are these stories worth writing if nobody sees them?

What is art without an audience? We like to joke, “Art without an audience is masturbation.”

But this is only said in jest because, if we are being honest with ourselves, we don’t write for an audience. No writer does. We write only out of our own selfish need to put words on paper. Our need to craft stories and lives out of thin air. Our need to be immortalized in our stories. This is why writers write and this is why all stories are worth writing.


Painting by Marie Fox

In The Room Swap, Jacob explores fantasy–an atypical genre for him. In the portal fantasy a young man races through a shifting world to find a lost friend. Jacob utilized the following prompts to create this captivating tale:

  1. Mostly Empty Bottle of Wine
  2. Graphic Novel
  3. Much Room Hunting*

ZB crafted a piece of horror in Le Jongleur, another genre most unlike his repertoire. This horror sets the status quo in a fairly normal setting, a student film festival, then slowly begins to take a turn for the worse. His prompts were:

  1. Film Festival
  2. A Rake
  3. A Juggler

*Due to an unfortunate auto-correct Jacob’s original prompt of Mushroom Hunting became something…special. Whoever said clarity was necessary for artistic success?


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