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“Art is Not a Democracy. You Don’t Get to Vote on How it Ends.” – George R.R. Martin


Wandering Albatross, by Chris Rose. In keeping with this weeks’s prompts.

This week’s process proved great for both writers. A sort of perfect storm of prompts lead both Z.B. & Jacob to new creatives places. It was a nice change after the difficulties of the previous week — to be able enjoy writing and have a couple of pieces that we are proud of.


Jacob wrote an eccentric piece with solid world building that drops you directly into the story. With three seemingly contrary prompts he committed to the absurdity and wrote the charming : Our King, the Giant Squid.

His prompts:

  1. Giant Squid
  2. Shakespearean Fool
  3. Cloning

ZB found inspiration in the epic poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Manhattan Project/Hiroshima Bombing to write the multilayered The Albatross.

His prompts:

  1. Location of a crime
  2. A tailor
  3. An albatross


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