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“Style Means the Right Word. The Rest Matters Little.” -Jules Renard


Homeless Man, by Elize Bezuidenhout

The last two weeks have been full of challenges for both writers. This week was no different. While each of the six stories written over the last two weeks was unique in its attempt to utilize the prompts given, it wasn’t until this week that both writers felt like their story used each prompt to their full effect.

Jacob wrote Metropolis Razing, a heavy piece that captures the complexity and difficulty of life on the streets. His prompts:

  1. Non-White Main Character
  2. The Smell of Skin
  3. Times Square

For a totally different tone, ZB’s Casual Dating adds mystery to a bad date & shows how romance has evolved over the years.

  1. Modern Dating
  2. A Budding Politician
  3. Bari, Italy

Tinder Boy, by Ambrus Gero

For a look at the last two week’s stories, look here and here.


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May 13th, 2014

Hi All!

Sorry about the late post, this week has brought some major changes for us (well one of us anyway). Jacob has decided to move to Texas! He literally wrote this weeks post while on the road. So that’s part of the reason for its lateness.

Jacob’s prompts this week were: a love triangle, time travel and tea.

Matchstick Man by Jacob Schatz

Zach wrote a coming of age pice set in Oregon with horses.

Sally’s Ride by ZB Wagman

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